- Gotham Knights #10

You do absolutely not mess with Nightwing when he is in protective mode. Ever.

One of the scary (and interesting) things about Hugo Strange is that he knows which buttons to push. He is a psychiatrist after all, and an excellent one at that. He knows how to read people. In part, Dick is vulnerable to his influence here because he’s so blinded by emotions and he is perhaps also more emotionally receptive. On the other hand Dick’s training should prevent him from the worst of Hugs’s spells.



Lovely followers, for your dash tomorrow we’re going to do something a little different.  It’s going to be angel Sam all day; canon possessed angel Sam and fanon non-possessed angel Sam.  It will mostly be edits and gifs and occasional musings about the meaning of angel Sam, and of course some fangirling over Jared’s acting.

So if angel Sam isn’t your jam, blacklist the tag “angel!Sam”.

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